Buildium vs. Rentec Direct

Buildium vs. Rentec Direct

Buildium vs. Rentec Direct

For the property manager or owner, Buildium and Rentec Direct are godsends, simplifying and streamlining your drudge work, providing total management, allowing you to focus on what really matters in the world of property management. But which is better for the needs of you and your business? Many investors and property managers aren’t sure which makes the most sense for them and make their decision purely based on Rentec Direct’s lower price point. Here’s how to sort out Buildium vs. Rentec Direct and make the right decision for your business.  Unlike other Buildium reviews, we performed a direct comparison of Buildium vs. Rentec Direct.

Buildium vs. Rentec Direct: What the Two Platforms Have in Common

One reason landlords can have a lot of trouble determining which platform to use is because of how much they have in common. For example, both platforms are web based and both offer phone support. Buildium additionally offers online support and a knowledge base, while Rentec Direct only offers video tutorials in addition to phone support. For the property manager who doesn’t have time to wait on the phone, this can be a significant difference.

Both offer tenant and lease tracking, work order tracking and payment tracking, as well as credit card processing. In fact, most of what you need done can be handled by both platforms. So where does the difference lie?

Buildium vs. Rentec Direct: Don’t Be Deceived by Price

When comparing the two, don’t be instantly pulled in by Rentec Direct’s lower price point. Many of the features that you will want, such as SMS messaging or ACH payments are going to close that gap real quick. Price shopping shouldn’t be your main consideration when it comes to finding the right property management solution. However, you should know that when it comes to comparing these two, the cost differences are negligible for anything but individual landlords seeking the most bare bones solution — and they probably won’t be using an app to manage their properties anyway.

Buildium vs. Rentec Direct: Features

Buildium is superior when it comes to marketing features, which is a must for larger firms managing scores or even hundreds (or thousands!) of properties. Buildium allows you to track your lead sources as well as marketing statistics, neither of which is offered by Rentec Direct. However, Rentec does offer one feature that Buildium doesn’t when it comes to marketing your properties: online vacancy postings.

Many of the accounting features overlap: Both accept online payments, integrate with your bank account, allow for uploading of bank statements, track invoices, offer online statements, allow for ACH, integrate post rent and late fees, print checks, generate profit and loss reports and run both your payables and receivables. Both are accessible from your laptop, desktop or iOS or Android-enabled mobile device. That’s important for the real estate professional on the go who has to manage all of his properties while he’s on the road.

Buildium vs. Rentec Direct: The Number Don’t Lie

Buildium is an older and more established platform than Rentec Direct. They’ve been around since 2004, compared to Rentec Direct’s 2010. This makes a huge difference in the amount of money that they process — Buildium has an estimated sales volume of $1.83 million versus a mere $168,000 and change with Rentec Direct. What this means is that the Buildium platform has already scaled in a way that Rentec Direct has not.

Buildium vs. Rentec Direct: Numbers Aren’t Everything

What’s more, when reading reviews of the two platforms, one feature of Buildium jumps out that’s hard to quantify: Most users just find it a heck of a lot more intuitive and easy to use. That’s something you can’t put a price on. If you plan on using a platform day in and day out, don’t you want it to be the easiest possible platform to use? This might be where the rubber hits the road for a lot of property managers and investors: Once you have all the features you need to run your business and your investments, why not just choose the platform which is easiest to use?

Fortunately, both platforms offer a free trial, allowing you to compare them, side by side, to see which works best for you and your business — and which is just the easier of the two to use.

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